Staker App is Your Cryptocurrency Gateway to A Secure Financial Future, Using HEX.

stake HEX with Staker app

In 2020 The Cryptocurrency World Was Blessed with HEX Crypto. In 2021 The HEX Community is Blessed With The Staker App!

When I first joined the Crypto world back in 2014 the learning curve was steep. I made mistakes that would make any grown man cry. Deep inside I knew I was part of a financial revolution. My journey in cryptocurrency began with Bitcoin, made its way to Ethereum, and now I am a HEX evangelist. Staker App is the game changing app that can catapult HEX to new heights.

Throughout 2020 my peers in the cryptocurrency space called me crazy, turned their backs on me, and accused me of some pretty hilarious things. They did all of this because I saw an opportunity in HEX Crypto that I never saw in the established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I saw a possibility to build a financial legacy for my family.

How Did HEX Crypto Change Everything?

Everyone has their reasons why they were attracted to HEX. For me it was the pure honesty from the founder of HEX, Richard Heart, that this cryptocurrency only has one purpose. The only reason HEX exists is to enrich the stakers of the HEX token over time by paying them interest in HEX.

It only took me watching one video of Richard Heart’s to realize that this guy is absolutely right. There is only one true reason why you are involved in cryptocurrency. That is to get stinking rich!

Watch this video to understand how HEX works.

Enter Staker App, The Game Changing App for HEX and for Cryptocurrency.

The biggest struggles in crypto have always been ease of use and onboarding. The Staker App team has taken on both of these challenges. Now, with a simple application on your mobile phone you can hold your Ethereum, USDC, and of course HEX. You can also swap between these tokens as well as stake your HEX!

Here are The Just Announced Features of Staker App.

  • Setting up a secure smart wallet designed by
  • Buying some HEX, ETH or USDC via third-party partners
  • Swapping HEX, ETH or USDC via
  • Stake a staking ladder in 1 click
  • Enter the league system

See the Screenshots of Staker App Below. The app is intuitive and easy to use. I love the ability to track my ranking with the Staker Leagues. I dare you to compete as a fellow Dolphin!

All you have to do is buy HEX and stake them with the app.

Now, one of the biggest disappointments after the initial launch phase of HEX was completed in November 2020 for me was the end of the referral program. Thankfully the Staker App team has our backs. This is where the second challenge of onboarding will be overcome in crypto. You see, when people have a financial incentive to tell others about something, like HEX, they are more likely to do it with a carrot dangled in front of them.

With Staker App we can earn 20% of the revenue we generate! This is an absolute game-changer for cryptocurrency. Take control of your financial future. There is nothing wrong with profiting when people use a product. Financial planners, lawyers, and every product you buy on a daily basis has profit built in for someone somewhere.

What To Do Next Regarding Staker App and HEX Crypto?

It is pretty simple. Head to my Staker App referral code and send some Ethereum or USDC to your wallet, swap them for HEX and stake your HEX. Start earning Trustless Interest today. You can also scan my referral code via my Staker App referral QR code below. Happy Staking!

Randy Hilarski Staker App Referral Code.

I want to thank you so much for reading this blog post. HEX has changed my family’s life. I believe it can do the same for you. It is not too late!