Rooftop Crypto Musing 12 Buy The Dip!

Here is your chance folks. It is time to begin Dollar Cost Averaging in Crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and HEX have all dipped. I believe we are in a bear market. My eyes are on September.

The window of opportunity to buy the dip in HEX is quickly disappearing.

Buy the dip and Stake HEX Using Stake App.

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The Latest Chart for HEX. 06/26/21

HEX on the Hourly 06/26

It appears HEX is about to get really exciting again. I sense that the Pulsechain sacrifice is around the corner. Your chance to buy the dip is about to expire. We have been in these situations before with HEX. Right now so many HEX users are in Las Vegas. This is your opportunity.

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