randyCRYPTO The New Cryptocurrency Blog for Randy Hilarski.

Why Did I Create randyCRYPTO?

Having control of your own content is vital to protecting your voice. Over the last year, we have witnessed the great quieting of voices across traditional social media platforms. I know first hand what it feels like as my Twitter account was suspended for 5 months.

So I have decided to start blogging on my own URL once again. Sadly, I let my old URL expire and someone is trying to sell it for $2500 which I refuse to pay. So I decided to start randyCRYPTO since cryptocurrency is what I am primarily known for. I will also publish blogs about ex-pat living as well as entrepreneurship.

I thought I was smart in 2016 when Steemit was all the rage. Why would anyone need their own blog on an URL they own? Well, 2020-2021 has shown us exactly why we need to manage our own voice online. I still publish to Steemit but they are primarily posting from the Appics app. My wife Anabell Hilarski and I are both Appics Senior Ambassadors so please join us and start making crypto for your image content.

What are The Plans for randyCRYPTO?

I have decided to begin a journey of massive content creation in 2021. This includes live streaming, video content, short-form social media content as well as leveraging decentralized channels like LBRY.

There is so much garbage content across social media channels in regards to cryptocurrency. I think it is my responsibility as someone who has been in the space, since 2014, to bring you content that has been vetted. Sure, I have made mistakes myself. I admit that I strayed off the path in 2017 but we have decided to not partner with anyone and stick to what we do best. My name and reputation will not be used to promote shady projects.

I want to thank everyone who has followed me since I first began blogging about gold and silver back in 2011. You have given me the courage to continue writing about free markets, sound money, cryptocurrency, expatriate living, entrepreneurship and decentralization.

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Randy Hilarski

Social Media, PR, and Crypto Blogger. I help Cryptocurrency companies get noticed. We are the social media coordinators for The Dollar Vigilante, Aurox, BitGreen, and Connect Financial. Crypto Since 2014. HEX is my favorite cryptocurrency.

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  1. Robinson Dorion

    Hey Randy, long time no talk/see. Congrats on getting back to writing on your own domain. I hope your year is off to a strong start and all’s well with the family. Cheers.

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