Dollar Cost Averaging HEX Crypto T-Shares From Acapulco, Mexico. 🇲🇽

Dollar Cost Averaging HEX Crypto T-Shares From Acapulco, Mexico. 🇲🇽
Anabell and Maximus Hilarski Enjoying an Acapulco, Mexico Sunset on Bonfil Beach.

HEX T-Shares are The Priority.

Tonight as I took a walk with my family on Bonfil Beach just South of Acapulco I decided to record a short video. I discuss how I purchased 70 more HEX Crypto T-shares today.

The name of the game in HEX is accumulating as many T-shares as you can. So many people think that the priority should be to just HODL our HEX tokens and hope that the price rises. This is how I would have traded a token or cryptocurrency in the past, but folks the CRYPTO GAME has changed and randyCRYPTO has your back!

HEX T-Shares and Why You Should Be Accumulating as Many as You can Afford.

Like I mentioned above, HEX T-shares have changed the Cryptocurrency game. I have been participating in the HEX phenomenon since it launched in December of 2019. In the beginning I treated HEX with a similar behavior as I did with the myriad of cryptocurrencies I have owned since 2014.

Instead of just HODLing my HEX I was actually staking mine but I made a huge mistake. I had the majority of my HEX stakes set to expire within the first two years. This was a huge blunder! It took me months of watching videos, live streams and reading about HEX to understand that I was playing the game all wrong.

Instead of focusing on HEX accumulation I should have been focusing on HEX T-shares accumulation. There is only one way to get HEX T-shares and that is by staking. The twist is that HEX T-share prices always rise. I have watched HEX T-Shares rise from 10,000 HEX to the current price of 16,701 HEX. That is a 67% increase in the cost of a T-share in just over a year.

Look at the cost of a HEX T-share one year ago compared to today on the far right of the graph below. The price was around $2 a year ago. The current price is around $120 with the current price dip. That means HEX T-shares have increased in price by 60X in a year!

How to Accumulate HEX T-Shares.

Now imagine looking at the chart above and thinking that you missed out on HEX. Well let me tell you about a little trick that only the OG Staker Class understands. We don’t stake our HEX for 1, 2 or even 5 years. We go long, really long. My average HEX stake is now over 10 1/2 years and that will continue to creep up as I am now staking everything between 11 years and the almighty 5555 stake. Why do we go so long? Well, HEX staking pays a 20% bonus for every year you stake up until year 10. That is a 200% bonus if you max your stakes to 10 years.

This means you are getting a 20% discount on you HEX T-Shares for every year that you stake longer up until year 10. So, if you want a 66% discount on your HEX T-Shares MAX out your bonus.

It seems counterintuitive to trust a cryptocurrency for 15 years, since old man Bitcoin is just 11 years old, but I am willing to take the chance on a life changing decision. Besides I believe in only staking what I can afford to lose.

Why go longer than 10 years? It is pretty simple. The cost of a HEX T-Share rises every day. I want to HODL my HEX T-Shares for as long as I can. The accumulating interest, in HEX that I earn over the extra years, will hopefully set my family up for generations to come.

What Do HEX T-Shares Give Me?

This one is pretty straight forward. For every HEX T-Share you have staked you will receive daily HEX interest payouts. Currently we are earning about 6 HEX per T-share daily.

So I will reiterate, pick up as many HEX T-Shares as you can possibly get your hands on. Stake long to get huge discounts and receive more HEX on a daily basis.

People wonder why the HEX community does not fret about dips in the price of the token. It is because we are earning crazy interest on a daily basis that more than makes up for the dips. Like Richard Heart says, “There are two types of people that get rich in crypto, HODLers and Founders”. Trust me, being a HODLer is easier!

2 thoughts on “Dollar Cost Averaging HEX Crypto T-Shares From Acapulco, Mexico. 🇲🇽

  1. David Dodge

    Found your site randomly searching to learn more about HEX and T-Shares I am one of Cultivate Crypto’s Mindset course Students from Q2 and this Current Q3, I didn’t make the connection while sitting in the webinar. I am older than the folks in class, I retire in 5 in 5 months, have a “Traditional” retirement income stream but want something to generate passive income for the next 20 years. HEX Stakes look like an option, but I need some clarity on how it is all glued together and how I would use it. I just want to HODL right now until EIP 1559, Eth 2.0, Pulse Chain all sort themselves out, but I also do not want to miss out on an opportunity to make more money. I have been in the market since December 2020 and am relatively new and taking all the lessons to heart and following Charlie and Miguel’s guidance and have an over all 1.8x over original investment but it hasn’t gone up enough to derisk my positions, except HEX. Would be interesting to build out a 5-10 year strategy and a 15 yr example which would put me out to 81(probably couldn’t even log into an exchange at that point)

    1. randycrypto Post author

      Hi David, I will make a post about this question because I just has someone ask a similar question today on Telegram and I priced it all out. Charlie and Miguel are stellar individuals and I am proud to know them.

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