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Rooftop Crypto Musing 11 – DCA is The Way

Here is a Great Way to Dollar Cost Average. If you would like to DCA (Dollar Cost Average) into HEX Crypto then I recommend using the Staker App. It is the easiest way to buy HEX with a credit card and stake it directly on your phone. Here is my affiliate code. If you […]

Let’s Talk Crypto, Doge, Ethereum, and HEX From The Beaches of Acapulco, Mexico.

This past week we saw some significant events in Cryptocurrency. I discuss the Doge and Ethereum pumps. I also discuss what is going on with HEX. Watch the Video Below. Here is my Staker App referral code. You can buy Ethereum, USDC, and HEX directly in the app. Then stake your HEX there to avoid […]

Dollar Cost Averaging HEX Crypto T-Shares From Acapulco, Mexico. 🇲🇽

HEX T-Shares are The Priority. Tonight as I took a walk with my family on Bonfil Beach just South of Acapulco I decided to record a short video. I discuss how I purchased 70 more HEX Crypto T-shares today. The name of the game in HEX is accumulating as many T-shares as you can. So […]