Rooftop Crypto Musing 13 – HEX is Moving On Up!

Here is The HEX Chart. The Screenshot is From Aurox.

I don’t think I have ever seen a chart this beautiful in Crypto. HEX is about to change lives once again! I recommend you start using Aurox to find your entry and exit points.

HEX chart June 28, 2021
HEX is Super Bullish!

Watch my video about Aurox: Trading Crypto With The Aurox Indicator and Cryptocurrency Signals.

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Did You Buy The HEX Dip Over The Weekend?

Well, if you did congratulations. You are already up over 25%! I bought at $.066, $.067, and $.068. If it wasn’t for the Aurox indicator I probably would have missed the trade, hoping it would dip further.

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Rooftop Crypto Musing 12 Buy The Dip!

Here is your chance folks. It is time to begin Dollar Cost Averaging in Crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and HEX have all dipped. I believe we are in a bear market. My eyes are on September.

The window of opportunity to buy the dip in HEX is quickly disappearing.

Buy the dip and Stake HEX Using Stake App.

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The Latest Chart for HEX. 06/26/21

HEX on the Hourly 06/26

It appears HEX is about to get really exciting again. I sense that the Pulsechain sacrifice is around the corner. Your chance to buy the dip is about to expire. We have been in these situations before with HEX. Right now so many HEX users are in Las Vegas. This is your opportunity.

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Rooftop Crypto Musing 11 – DCA is The Way

DCA is The Way in Cryptocurrency

Here is a Great Way to Dollar Cost Average.

If you would like to DCA (Dollar Cost Average) into HEX Crypto then I recommend using the Staker App. It is the easiest way to buy HEX with a credit card and stake it directly on your phone. Here is my affiliate code.

If you are not using the DCA method to buy crypto then I do not know how you can be successful outside of getting lucky. If you are very smart you might be able to chart your way to success but I am not one of those people and most of you are not as well.

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HEX Gods Have Spoken Pulse Sacrifice Phase

This Was a Spectacular Night On My Rooftop!

The #HEX Gods Have Shown Me a Sign! This is How We Will Handle The #Pulsechain Sacrifice Phase.

The Largest #Airdrop in Crypto History is Coming Soon!


The #HEX Gods Have Shown Me a Sign. I am Preparing My HEX for The #Pulsechain Sacrifice Phase. #Airdrop #Crypto #CryptoCurrency #Ethereum

♬ Thor Ragnarok – Gods Of The Comic Universe

I am Preparing My HEX for The Upcoming Sacrifice Phase for PulseChain.

Did you know that when Pulsechain launches any HEX liquid or HEX staked on Ethereum will be copied on the new chain? This means you will have 2X the HEX! It will be called pHEX. We do not know what the value of pHEX will be, but we do know that the amount of HEX needed to buy a T-Share will remain the same.

We have committed to $10k worth of crypto value to sacrifice during the sacrifice phase of the Pulsechian launch.

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Here are Some Images My Friend Made of That Amazing Rooftop Crypto Musing.

Let’s Talk Crypto, Doge, Ethereum, and HEX From The Beaches of Acapulco, Mexico.

Miguel Aleman Beach in Acapulco mexico. I went for a walk and talked about Crypto, Doge, Ethereum and HEX.
This Photo was taken with my DJI Pocket 2 on Miguel Aleman Beach in Acapulco, Mexico.

This past week we saw some significant events in Cryptocurrency. I discuss the Doge and Ethereum pumps. I also discuss what is going on with HEX.

Watch the Video Below.

Here is my Staker App referral code. You can buy Ethereum, USDC, and HEX directly in the app. Then stake your HEX there to avoid the out of control Ethereum transaction fees. Thanks to the Staker APP team we can set up a whole HEX stake ladder using one submission on the app. The wallet within Staker App is 100% decentralized using Gnosis.

Also, I recommend checking

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Creator Combo.

I also mentioned where I will be speaking about living a free life. Anarchapulco is happening March 8,9,20,11 for the in- person event. VIP tickets are very limited and cost $1000. Due to restrictions the venues need to stay small.

Staker App is Your Cryptocurrency Gateway to A Secure Financial Future, Using HEX.

stake HEX with Staker app

In 2020 The Cryptocurrency World Was Blessed with HEX Crypto. In 2021 The HEX Community is Blessed With The Staker App!

When I first joined the Crypto world back in 2014 the learning curve was steep. I made mistakes that would make any grown man cry. Deep inside I knew I was part of a financial revolution. My journey in cryptocurrency began with Bitcoin, made its way to Ethereum, and now I am a HEX evangelist. Staker App is the game changing app that can catapult HEX to new heights.

Throughout 2020 my peers in the cryptocurrency space called me crazy, turned their backs on me, and accused me of some pretty hilarious things. They did all of this because I saw an opportunity in HEX Crypto that I never saw in the established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I saw a possibility to build a financial legacy for my family.

How Did HEX Crypto Change Everything?

Everyone has their reasons why they were attracted to HEX. For me it was the pure honesty from the founder of HEX, Richard Heart, that this cryptocurrency only has one purpose. The only reason HEX exists is to enrich the stakers of the HEX token over time by paying them interest in HEX.

It only took me watching one video of Richard Heart’s to realize that this guy is absolutely right. There is only one true reason why you are involved in cryptocurrency. That is to get stinking rich!

Watch this video to understand how HEX works.

Enter Staker App, The Game Changing App for HEX and for Cryptocurrency.

The biggest struggles in crypto have always been ease of use and onboarding. The Staker App team has taken on both of these challenges. Now, with a simple application on your mobile phone you can hold your Ethereum, USDC, and of course HEX. You can also swap between these tokens as well as stake your HEX!

Here are The Just Announced Features of Staker App.

  • Setting up a secure smart wallet designed by
  • Buying some HEX, ETH or USDC via third-party partners
  • Swapping HEX, ETH or USDC via
  • Stake a staking ladder in 1 click
  • Enter the league system

See the Screenshots of Staker App Below. The app is intuitive and easy to use. I love the ability to track my ranking with the Staker Leagues. I dare you to compete as a fellow Dolphin!

All you have to do is buy HEX and stake them with the app.

Now, one of the biggest disappointments after the initial launch phase of HEX was completed in November 2020 for me was the end of the referral program. Thankfully the Staker App team has our backs. This is where the second challenge of onboarding will be overcome in crypto. You see, when people have a financial incentive to tell others about something, like HEX, they are more likely to do it with a carrot dangled in front of them.

With Staker App we can earn 20% of the revenue we generate! This is an absolute game-changer for cryptocurrency. Take control of your financial future. There is nothing wrong with profiting when people use a product. Financial planners, lawyers, and every product you buy on a daily basis has profit built in for someone somewhere.

What To Do Next Regarding Staker App and HEX Crypto?

It is pretty simple. Head to my Staker App referral code and send some Ethereum or USDC to your wallet, swap them for HEX and stake your HEX. Start earning Trustless Interest today. You can also scan my referral code via my Staker App referral QR code below. Happy Staking!

Randy Hilarski Staker App Referral Code.

I want to thank you so much for reading this blog post. HEX has changed my family’s life. I believe it can do the same for you. It is not too late!

LBC of The LBRY Cryptocurrency Video Platform TA Using The Aurox Trading Platform and Big News!

Big News for LBRY as they announce that their Odysee video platform will soon offer Live Streaming.

Big News for LBRY as they announce that their Odysee video platform will soon offer Live Streaming. This caused a frenzy in the LBRY community. I discuss what I think will happen.

Sign Up for Odysee Today.

Tom of LBRY does the first live testing of the Odysee Live-Streaming.

I also discuss the TA for the associated coin LBC. I use the Aurox trading platform and the indicators they give us. Please use my Referral so that I can track sign-ups. It is free to use.

Dollar Cost Averaging HEX Crypto T-Shares From Acapulco, Mexico. 🇲🇽

Dollar Cost Averaging HEX Crypto T-Shares From Acapulco, Mexico. 🇲🇽
Anabell and Maximus Hilarski Enjoying an Acapulco, Mexico Sunset on Bonfil Beach.

HEX T-Shares are The Priority.

Tonight as I took a walk with my family on Bonfil Beach just South of Acapulco I decided to record a short video. I discuss how I purchased 70 more HEX Crypto T-shares today.

The name of the game in HEX is accumulating as many T-shares as you can. So many people think that the priority should be to just HODL our HEX tokens and hope that the price rises. This is how I would have traded a token or cryptocurrency in the past, but folks the CRYPTO GAME has changed and randyCRYPTO has your back!

HEX T-Shares and Why You Should Be Accumulating as Many as You can Afford.

Like I mentioned above, HEX T-shares have changed the Cryptocurrency game. I have been participating in the HEX phenomenon since it launched in December of 2019. In the beginning I treated HEX with a similar behavior as I did with the myriad of cryptocurrencies I have owned since 2014.

Instead of just HODLing my HEX I was actually staking mine but I made a huge mistake. I had the majority of my HEX stakes set to expire within the first two years. This was a huge blunder! It took me months of watching videos, live streams and reading about HEX to understand that I was playing the game all wrong.

Instead of focusing on HEX accumulation I should have been focusing on HEX T-shares accumulation. There is only one way to get HEX T-shares and that is by staking. The twist is that HEX T-share prices always rise. I have watched HEX T-Shares rise from 10,000 HEX to the current price of 16,701 HEX. That is a 67% increase in the cost of a T-share in just over a year.

Look at the cost of a HEX T-share one year ago compared to today on the far right of the graph below. The price was around $2 a year ago. The current price is around $120 with the current price dip. That means HEX T-shares have increased in price by 60X in a year!

How to Accumulate HEX T-Shares.

Now imagine looking at the chart above and thinking that you missed out on HEX. Well let me tell you about a little trick that only the OG Staker Class understands. We don’t stake our HEX for 1, 2 or even 5 years. We go long, really long. My average HEX stake is now over 10 1/2 years and that will continue to creep up as I am now staking everything between 11 years and the almighty 5555 stake. Why do we go so long? Well, HEX staking pays a 20% bonus for every year you stake up until year 10. That is a 200% bonus if you max your stakes to 10 years.

This means you are getting a 20% discount on you HEX T-Shares for every year that you stake longer up until year 10. So, if you want a 66% discount on your HEX T-Shares MAX out your bonus.

It seems counterintuitive to trust a cryptocurrency for 15 years, since old man Bitcoin is just 11 years old, but I am willing to take the chance on a life changing decision. Besides I believe in only staking what I can afford to lose.

Why go longer than 10 years? It is pretty simple. The cost of a HEX T-Share rises every day. I want to HODL my HEX T-Shares for as long as I can. The accumulating interest, in HEX that I earn over the extra years, will hopefully set my family up for generations to come.

What Do HEX T-Shares Give Me?

This one is pretty straight forward. For every HEX T-Share you have staked you will receive daily HEX interest payouts. Currently we are earning about 6 HEX per T-share daily.

So I will reiterate, pick up as many HEX T-Shares as you can possibly get your hands on. Stake long to get huge discounts and receive more HEX on a daily basis.

People wonder why the HEX community does not fret about dips in the price of the token. It is because we are earning crazy interest on a daily basis that more than makes up for the dips. Like Richard Heart says, “There are two types of people that get rich in crypto, HODLers and Founders”. Trust me, being a HODLer is easier!

randyCRYPTO The New Cryptocurrency Blog for Randy Hilarski.

Why Did I Create randyCRYPTO?

Having control of your own content is vital to protecting your voice. Over the last year, we have witnessed the great quieting of voices across traditional social media platforms. I know first hand what it feels like as my Twitter account was suspended for 5 months.

So I have decided to start blogging on my own URL once again. Sadly, I let my old URL expire and someone is trying to sell it for $2500 which I refuse to pay. So I decided to start randyCRYPTO since cryptocurrency is what I am primarily known for. I will also publish blogs about ex-pat living as well as entrepreneurship.

I thought I was smart in 2016 when Steemit was all the rage. Why would anyone need their own blog on an URL they own? Well, 2020-2021 has shown us exactly why we need to manage our own voice online. I still publish to Steemit but they are primarily posting from the Appics app. My wife Anabell Hilarski and I are both Appics Senior Ambassadors so please join us and start making crypto for your image content.

What are The Plans for randyCRYPTO?

I have decided to begin a journey of massive content creation in 2021. This includes live streaming, video content, short-form social media content as well as leveraging decentralized channels like LBRY.

There is so much garbage content across social media channels in regards to cryptocurrency. I think it is my responsibility as someone who has been in the space, since 2014, to bring you content that has been vetted. Sure, I have made mistakes myself. I admit that I strayed off the path in 2017 but we have decided to not partner with anyone and stick to what we do best. My name and reputation will not be used to promote shady projects.

I want to thank everyone who has followed me since I first began blogging about gold and silver back in 2011. You have given me the courage to continue writing about free markets, sound money, cryptocurrency, expatriate living, entrepreneurship and decentralization.

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Social Media, PR, and Crypto Blogger. I help Cryptocurrency companies get noticed. We are the social media coordinators for The Dollar Vigilante, Aurox, BitGreen, and Connect Financial. Crypto Since 2014. HEX is my favorite cryptocurrency.